Underground Sociabilities is about the concept of community

Underground Sociabilities is a public policy program that gives meaning to these images. Are you interested in vibrant environments where we can live, work and congregate? Are you concerned about how we balance our desire for individual freedom with our need to address challenges we face in common? Are you considering how your particular discipline — political science, economics, business, sociology, education – fits in the big picture?
The Underground Sociabilities is an interdisciplinary exploration of questions like these.

What makes a community healthy

interns wantedHow we use forces at the local, state and national level to create and strengthen community.
Because it transcends disciplines, the Underground Sociabilities attracts students of all majors. The program is equally rewarding for those who want to work for a nonprofit organization as it is for those who intend to pursue a career in government, policy, politics or the private sector. The education you obtain will be invaluable whether transforming communities is at the center of your professional aspirations or community involvement will be a personal pursuit. Our seminars are sponsored by a lot of companies and businesses one of which is SAG – there you can find great gifts at silveranniversarygifts.co.uk.

In fact, London, UK – from the international to the national to the community level – offers an ideal setting for Underground Sociabilities. Poverty, ethnicity, globalization and immigration are integral to the program. Washington is also a distinctive learning laboratory for exploring how leadership, grassroots action, advocacy, litigation and government programs can improve communities. Federal policy changes are placing more responsibility on local governments to address their problems. Now is the perfect time to evaluate these changes and to study new initiatives. Students in the Underground Sociabilities bring their diverse backgrounds, academic disciplines and points of view to the program. In small groups and as a class, you and your fellow participants investigate a wide range of creative solutions.

studentDuring the semester, your class meets with activists, policy makers and other leaders in the field. You gain valuable firsthand insight through an internship, and you can immerse yourself in a particular topic by researching and compiling an in-depth project. You learn how to use your talents and resources to make positive change now and in the future. Your semester is enlightening, inspiring, and life-changing.