Your Future

Underground Sociabilities will help guide you as you prepare to leave college and move toward exciting futures. Your support system of teachers and fellow students will continue to be there for you as you go forward. They say it best.

“If I hadn’t been in the Underground Sociabilities program, I doubt very much I’d be where I am right now-teaching Jr. High English in London.”
Ashley Crawford

“As a liberal arts student, I found the Underground Sociabilities semester to be a great bridge between my undergraduate experience and my later coursework in a public policy masters program.”
Ed Read

“I think this is one of the best college experiences I’ve had. This semester has made me seriously consider following some-type of joint graduate degree track in both planning and public policy. I originally came to learn the background on urban and national issues, but I’m leaving with an interest to continue in the public policy field.”
Aaron Richbourg

“I partly owe my path to the exposure you provided for me during our time together. All those hikes over DC paid off. I will never forget this time.”
Melonie Eckerle