Sample Weekly Schedule

weekly scheduleWeek 1: What is community?
A discussion of social capital, the concept of citizenship,
community as place; and community as people
Week 2: A focus on London, UK
The history and current state of our nation’s capitol
Visits to Capitol Hill, neighborhoods, and a community
Week 3: Community development
The role of market forces, government policies, and race
Community economic and political power
Going global: globalization and community
Week 4 & 5: Community safety and the environment
Common spaces
Public safety
Week 6: Housing
Housing the poor
Owning a home
Integration: economic and ethnic
Week 7: Investing in people: globalization and immigration

Week 8: Investing (cont.): from welfare to work to asset-building

Week 9: Making work pay
Health care
Child care
Jobs and pay
Week 10: Families: work, poverty and morality

Weeks 11-12: Children and education
Child welfare
Early childhood
Successful education policies and successful schools
What no school can do
Weeks 13-14: Transforming Communities
The means: service, organizing, advocacy, litigation
The institutions: government, business, nonprofits and leaders