The Underground Sociabilities Seminar

The most effective way to learn the art of transforming communities is to speak to the individuals who have faced the challenges and experienced the rewards of this work. During the London Underground Sociabilities Program you do just that. You will meet with representatives of all three branches of government, the advocacy and litigation community, grassroots nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and policy organizations. These experts, all of whom are involved in community change, share their experiences and insights about the field and answer your questions in an open and informal setting. Speakers give you new perspectives on:

  • Building and strengthening communities
  • Globalization and communities
  • Affordable Housing
  • Community Health and Safety
  • Ways to Strengthen the Family
  • Enterprise and Work in Communities
  • The Role of Faith in Changing Communities
  • The Role of Government and Nonprofits in Changing Communities
  • Ways to Change Communities: From Service to Advocacy to Organizing

The seminar consists of class activities, sessions with guest speakers, student presentations, and group discussions. Your professor presents lectures each week that prepares you for upcoming meetings with speakers. You are evaluated in the seminar on participation and analytical papers and presentations. You also learn from the interesting, relevant readings.